Our cuisine

Our cuisine

Grill and Tradition

el asador de Abel offers a traditional cuisine, of market product, and based on roasts, mostly on the grill, always ready for mealtimes.

The contrasts are soft and classic; the products of high quality; the respect to the genre is the main patent and the presentation is simple.

The garnish is an element that is played with and the dressings enrich the dish with different colors, textures and flavors.

The spoon dish of the day, with daily variation throughout the week, is appreciated by many people who have to eat away from home on a regular basis.

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We leave the protagonism to the product, taking care of its elaboration with care so that the flavors prevail ..

Among our specialties are:

Cured meat of León.
Vegetables on the on the grill with their oils.
Stew of beans of Argüelles
– Pieces of Cod with fried onion and peppers.
Hake on the grill.
Steak of red meat.

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